Our Approach


The mission of the Husky Swimming Foundation, in cooperation with various partners, is to foster and preserve aquatic safety and the swimming traditions established in the Pacific Northwest. The goals of the foundations are to support aquatics, build aquatics programs and endow aquatics programs. The Foundation seeks to provide a local collegiate swimming opportunity for our regional age-group swimmers so that they may compete at both national and international levels.

The Husky Swimming Foundation will work towards the following goals:

  1. Raise funds necessary to provide an annual operating budget for an intercollegiate swimming program at the University of Washington;
  2. Build and operate a state of the art training and competition facility;
  3. Create an endowment to provide annual scholarships for the collegiate swimmers at the University of Washington; and
  4. Support swimming in the Pacific Northwest at all age-group levels.


The Husky Swimming Foundation filed Form 1023 with the Internal Revenue Service requesting recognition of tax exempt status under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.  Our application was approved by the IRS (Certificate of Exemption), with the effective date of exemption retroactive to January 2008.  DONATIONS TO THE FOUNDATION ARE TAX DEDUCTIBLE.


The Foundation's Board of Directors currently consist of seven members.  The Board's duties are outlined in the Foundation's Bylaws, but put simply, the Board is charged with acting as stewards of Husky Swimming and promoting the goals and mission of the organization.

The Board of Directors of the Husky Swimming Foundation are:

  • Brandon Drawz, President/Director
  • Kelly Corcoran, Secretary/Director
  • Ryan Stratton, Treasurer/Director
  • Janella Bart, Director
  • Ron Van Pool, Director
  • Bill Patterson, Director
  • Genevieve Patterson, Director
  • Mary Patterson, Director
  • Robert Roosa, Director


Tax Identification Number (EIN):  #26-4828642

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